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Carpet Cleaning Treatments Provided By Vancouver Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning Treatments

In many Canadian houses and offices, they have carpet floors. It is cozy and warm, but the most significant disadvantage is the carpet cleaning process. Many people try DIY carpet cleaning methods and ended up ruining the floor. Then they have to spend more money on replacing the floor with a new carpet. It is always recommended to hire a professional cleaning service to clean your carpet. 

Here are a few of the carpet protection treatments that can be provided by professional cleaning services in Vancouver. So, when you are choosing a cleaning service in Vancouver, this can be useful to find the best carpet cleaning company to clean your carpet. 

Stain Removal: Some of the cleaning companies include stain removal in their base price while other cleaning service providers charge extra for highly soiled carpets or individual strains. Therefore, you need to discuss with the Vancouver cleaning service provider before the task. 

Carpet Pretreatment: Carpet pretreatment is an effective way of cleaning carpets as it helps to dissolve oil and grease. This is done by spraying cleaning chemicals on the carpet. At the final cleansing of the carpet cleaning, more dirt will extract from the carpet. Finally, you will have the cleanest carpet in your house. 

Soil Retardants: There are various carpet types, and some of them are very easy to clean. For example, some of the factory treated carpets have a coating that allows the carpet fibres to discard water and spills. These types of carpets can be cleaned quickly.

Deodorizing And Pet Odor Treatments: One of the main issues that many people face with carpet floor is odours. This can be urine and mold. If you have pets, then it is a common issue that you will get pet odour. You can eliminate this for temporary using carpet perfumes as a mask. It will deodorize the carpet for a short period of time. But when you hire a professional cleaning company, they will apply antimicrobial agents during the carpet cleaning. 

Antimicrobial Treatment: The advantage of having a professional carpet cleaning company to clean your carpet eliminate most microbes, yeast, mold, and mildew than DIY carpet cleaning methods. One of the ways that they use to create a hostile environment is an antimicrobial treatment. Antimicrobial treatment prevents reproducing and spreading bacteria, control odour, relief to allergy sufferers and increase the shelf-life of the carpet. Therefore, hiring a Vancouver carpet cleaner can make your home is a safe place for you and your family. 

Anti-static Treatment: Most of the Vancouver carpet cleaning companies use anti-static treatments to stop building up static electricity, as this is the best and healthiest method. When the humidity above 40%, the static issues will disappear. There are some other methods that professional cleaning services Vancouver use to prevent the build-up of static electricity. But, most of those methods can act as soil magnets. Therefore, it will increase the chances of getting your carpet solid more quicker. 

Once you have used a professional cleaning service provider in Vancouver to clean your carpet, you should know when to re-treat it. There is this simple method that you can use to find when to retreat your carpet. When you add a few drops of water to your carpet, if the water bead up, you do not need a retreat for a while. But, the carpet absorbs the water quickly, then it is time to get a professional carpet cleaner to re-treat the carpet. Cleaning carpet more often is required to keep your family safe and have a clean environment for your family and your pets. 

Why Hire Vancity Janitorials As Your Professional Carpet Cleaner?

Vancity Janitorial is an experienced and professional carpet cleaner for many years. And all of our cleaning solutions and tools are eco-friendly. Our carpet cleaning rates are really affordable. We only use safe chemicals for everyone, including your pets. Contact Vancity Janitorial Vancouver cleaning service for more benefits such as long carpet life. 


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